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Hey, WAKE UP!!

Found this interesting article on

Mirror Neurons and the Brain in the Vat by V.S. Ramachandran

Researchers at UCLA found that cells in the human anterior cingulate, which normally fire when you poke the patient with a needle ("pain neurons"), will also fire when the patient watches another patient being poked. The mirror neurons, it would seem, dissolve the barrier between self and others...

He then goes on to characterize Crick's "astonishing hypothesis" as a key indicator of "the fifth revolution" — the "neuroscience revolution" — the first four being Copernican, Darwinian, Freudian, and the discovery of DNA and the genetic code.". "that even our loftiest thoughts and aspirations are mere byproducts of neural activity. We are nothing but a pack of neurons."

You have to skip through the whole "dangerous" question parts to get to this article but I found it really fascinating. The author, along with the help of a researcher's answer to the "dangerous" question, explores how the next revolution will influence our way of thinking about ourselves.

He kind of gets "matrix"-y and philosophical, but really an interesting read.

So which would you pick? The vat or just yourself?
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