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A geeky christmas in the office

As a sort of background, I've been working at this company for about 2 years, just doing the chemist's job. Everything revolves around numbers, acids, balances, you get the picture. Well lately, my creative side of the brain (I always forget which side it is) seems to be going in to hyper-drive. So I've been trying to get more crafty at home so that I don't go too crazy at work.

At Target I picked up a crappy $2.50 bendable tree and some balls to put on it. I brought that into work and then realized the balls weren't enough and I didn't want to spend another $2.50 on another set, plus they are really cheap and crappy looking. The other day I made a tree topper shaped in a star with paper and a highlighter. And yesterday the creativity really sparked.

How to make a Bulb pipette poinsettia:

First cut off a good portion of the pipette part, you want just a little for the "stem".
Second take a utility knife or some other sharp blade and cut an X evenly on the very edge of the bulb (so right on the dome end as I like to call it).
Third take scissors and slice down as far you want to go (I went pretty much to the end of the bulb).
Fourth heat it up in an oven but not too hot or for too long. I used an oven that's at about 110 degrees C and I stood there for a minute before taking them out.
Fifth carefully grab the "flower" and spread out the "petals" on a cold surface so to get the spread-out shape to take hold. A good trick is to flip the rounded ends on the "petals" the other way around, it'll look more like a flower petal and it will make the shape stick.
Sixth color the "petals" whatever color you want, or depending on your supplies, whatever color you can find. I had red lying around hence calling it a poinsettia.
Finally place one of the "flowers" inside another one to make an eight-petalled flower. The trick here is to place a cut up the stem of one of the "flowers" and just squeeze it inside the stem of the other one. Then color the inside near the stem to make it more realistic.
And you're done.

Unfortunately I am not allowed to have cameras inside my building so I can not really show how it looked for myself.

If you really want to see, I'll take one home and snap a pic.

Has anyone else created such things at work? Does anyone have more Christmas-like ideas? I'm trying to fill up this tree and I can only make so many of the "poinsettias".
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