Colin Jemmott (coliningus) wrote in punkrawkscience,
Colin Jemmott

Acoustics Classroom

So I just started in the Acoustics grad program at Penn State, and I need to tell you about our classroom. I would post pictures, but it is in a secure building, so there are no cameras permitted.

It is a pretty normal classroom in terms of size and such. White boards in the front, seats about 25. Acoustic dampers along the walls, and bass traps and diffuser pannels along the celing. Why would you need so much in a normal classroom? How about a tri amped 3 foot tall Paradigm studio monitor, hand calibrated for its position in the room? Add to that a pair of NHT 3.3 monitors, a few big subs for standing mode demonstrations and a 5.1 setup for (lets be honest here) movie night.

Honestly, the best sounding room outside a recording studio I have ever heard. How can you get a more punk rawk classroom than that?
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